Jackass of the Week: Rush Limbaugh

Jackass of the Week: Rush Limbaugh:

Some of you may feel that this is too political for Daring Fireball. But I’m not calling Limbaugh a jackass because I disagree with his politics on this issue. I’m calling him a jackass — and it’s taking a lot of restraint not to call him something far worse — because his response to Fox’s honest, genuine advocacy regarding an important, serious issue is one of the lowest, most demeaning cheap shots I’ve ever seen.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

Rush Limbaugh is what is wrong with the political system in America. Cheap shots, personal attacks. Folks, let’s work on the problems, eh?

Stupid stupid American political system.

NYWC 2006 – Lucien in a Bandana

Lucien in a Bandana, originally uploaded by Lucien W. Dupont.

Most of us went to Stubbs in Austin for a free BBQ lunch… and is seemingly normal in Austin, it was freaking hot out, and my head was getter burned.. so I borrowed a bandana from one of the First Pres Portland girls, and became instantly cool. And fat, mental note start working out more when I get home.

Click through to see a few more pictures.. bandwidth is bad here, so I’ll save more uploading for when I get home.

National Youth Workers Convention in Austin

This Thursday Jennifer and I along with 3 others from our church are heading to Austin, TX for the National Youth Workers Convention. Ya.. they have a convention for youth workers. Granted Jennifer and I don’t get paid (with money), but Jim tells me this thing is huge, like thousands of people. Like WWDC sized.

I’m not sure what to expect – the only convention I’ve been to has been MacWorld.

I’m planning on blogging my thoughts on the convention here, so stay tuned.