iPod Photo is shipping

My wife just got her shipment notification for her iPod Photo 60 Gig:

Dear Apple Customer,

The following products shipped on 10/27/2004. Transit time will
depend upon whether you have chosen standard or premium freight
options. If your order is shipping standard freight, it should arrive
within 10 days of shipment.

Product # Product Description Qty Ext Price

According to Fedex, it’s due to arrive by next Wednesday. I’ll be sure to post some more info when it arrives, along with pictures.

The vacation is good so far.. I’m catching up on some TiVo.

4th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday it was our 4th wedding anniversary. Woo wee! 4 years, seems like it has flown by..

We went into Portland for dinner, to Caprial’s Bistro. Dinner was great, although Jennifer’s steak was a lot better than my fish (it was a asian theme, and was really spicy, more than what I like, and I like spicy).

We drove home, and it turns out Jennifer surprised me by getting us another TiVo, the new Toshiba RX-TX20. I finished setting it up today. It’s really impressive, fast, and extremely quiet. We’ve got it set up in the bedroom upstairs, so I’ll see tonight if it really is quiet, as I’m a really light sleeper.

Honey, I love you, and I can’t wait to celebrate our 40th anniversary. :-)

Open Source

For about a month now, I’ve been trying to help out on two open source projects (Adium and Camino). I decided I needed to get more experience in newer technologies that what I experience at work.

Problem is, me, Mr. Guilt Trip, I’ve been beating myself up because I haven’t had time to do much (although I have been slowly working on a small task in Adium).

I learned something though, from a member of the Camino team:

It’s an open-source project so you are the boss of what you do.

That’s good for me to keep this in mind, so I don’t feel bad if I don’t get to something on a particular night, because something else came first.

Both are great projects though, and deserve your support in anyway possible.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving – my parents had everybody over (but me of course), and had the whole spread of food, the yummy turkey with the sausage based stuffing:


Here’s a shot of the three youngn’s, Sarah, Emma, and Evan:


I’m really looking forward to going home for Christmas. Jennifer and I are going to drive up, take our time, and stay somewhere overnight on the way.. Suggestions for a good spot to stay traveling from Portland to Calgary? :-)


Well, I don’t think I’d be winning any Robert Scoble awards for good weblogs for sure, with the lack of real content around here.

Updates in my life, in no particular order:

- off to the Entheos fall retreat this weekend, last years was great (up near Mount Hood)
- My Mini Cooper S order was entered into the build system, so I have an order number to ‘track’ it with.
- stained the back deck again with Thompson’s Waterseal, it actually seems to work well. The test will be this weekend, as we’re supposed to get a ton of rain when I’m gone.
- got the WWDC DVD’s today, I’m looking forward to watching the few I wanted to go to but couldn’t, and remembering which session had the great blues song in it. (Cocoa tips and tricks?)

Work is busy, although I’m down to like 16 bugs as of tonight, with a week left before MR freeze. I’m quite happy about that, I’m hoping for below 10 by the time I have to knock off tomorrow.

Oh, I have an idea for actually changing the design of this site to something beyond the standard, can you believe that? It’s time I try to learn some more about html and MoveableType.

I’m watching too much news…

Last night I had a dream:

I was outside, working on the yard, and Mt St Helen’s blew. It was big, massive. It came in over our house, I ran inside, closed all the windows.. then I saw the blast wave coming, but it didn’t break any windows…. after the blast wave, I had cats dying on my deck, along with two dead tigers. I ran upstairs to wake up Jennifer, who was taking a nap, and then to phone my brother (he wants me to phone him right when it erupts), I ran into the other room, and there was like 5 different cordless phones, and I had to choose which one to use. Then I woke up.

Don’t ask. I think I ate some bad food for dinner last night, combined with the news.

Geezz.. literally, as I type this, a huge steam vent is JUST happening.