Dang.. I need to try to check in a bunch of stuff tonight, so I might not get to posting anything here.. (work interfering with WWDC.. dang it!).

Short recap of the day: Tiger is cool, great foundation for the future. The WWDC 2004 webloggers dinner was a total blast. I am disappointed at Apple for Dashboard, but I haven’t heard yet how it is different (if) from Konfabulator.

Here at WWDC 2004

Made it here fine. Flight was great, hotel is great, I’m in a hands on session now (Effective Debugging and Optimization of Mac OS X code).

More later tonight, including an interesting, yet sad cab ride to the hotel, and a Mini Cooper Convertible in the lobby of the convention.

(Written at about 2:30pm)

WWDC 2004

I’m off to WWDC 2004 tomorrow (flying down from Portland on a Horizon flight).

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be attending the Effective Debugging and Optimization of Mac OS X Code hands on workshop, so if you see me (second picture), feel free to say hi.

Things I’m looking forward to this year? Tiger of course, new api’s and features I might use someday will be great. Everything else is gravy (ie. new displays, new hardware, etc, etc).

I’m really looking forward to the unofficial WWDC 2004 Webloggers Dinner.. nervous too, meeting new people and all, but it should be a good time once everyone gets to know everyone else. :-)


mousereporter.com went live a few days ago. No content to speak of yet, but we’ll get there. I need to send some emails off to other Disney web site owners, specifically Joe who commented a few entries ago..

Full time working on the site is going to have to wait until 3 things happen: WWDC 2004, a trip to Canada July 4th weekend, alpha of QuickBooks, and a mission trip. All due to happen by the end of July. :-)

Ordered a Mini Cooper S Convertible

I have ordered a 2005 Mini Cooper S convertible. (2005 Pricing here).

Yes, a bit crazy I know, but I need to replace my current car in December/January (my current car was Jennifer’s old car, and her new car replaces my current car. Ya, it’s confusing).

I don’t know what colour yet, or what options, but it’s either going to be this burnt orange colour, or this blue colour.

There’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few months, in researching the Mini – the culture around the car is very, very similar to the Macintosh. There are Mini groups all over the country, and doing all kinds of really, really cool things. This is a big reason why I picked a Mini. Oh ya, and the supercharger whine. :-)

WWDC: New Displays? Yes; New iMacs? No

WWDC: New Displays? Yes; New iMacs? No: “The hype is incredible. The speculation is even more ridiculous. Let’s separate fact from fiction with new inside information straight from a handful of separate Apple employees who have all confirmed these basic facts: New Apple displays, yes; New iMacs, no.”

(Via Think Secret.)

Finally.. some semblance of sanity.. how about WWDC being all about the software folks? Software is what sells computers, not the speed or type of a chip.. or at least it should be what sells them..

I’ll post my comments here on the keynote, as I am allowed to, but won’t be covering the rest of the sessions I attend – as it’s not allowed by Apple.

Should be a fun week though.. I’m probably most looking forward to the weblog dinner on Monday night – it’ll be nice to meet some new developers in a relaxed session. :-)

Neat web idea..

Over the weekend, Jennifer and I had a neat idea for a weblog, covering Disney related ‘stuff’. Yes, there are other ones, some weblog based, some not, but I think we can provide a needed ‘clearing house’ of all disney info, and also add our own reports to things.

(ie. Jennifer has been to ALL of the Disney parks in the world, and has a ton of pictures, experiences to relate to potential visitors).

So, we’ve gone ahead and signed up for some hosting, and are planning things out. It might be a little slow to get going, as WWDC is coming up for me, and a 3 week trip to Japan for her, but I expect by the end of July we’ll be fully in the grove.

Any suggestions out there for weblog software? I’m debating between MT 3 and WordPress 1.2. Any others I should look at? And how does one decide?

gmail accounts?

So, I’ve just got these silly invites sitting in my account, and I’ve read reports of people getting more every few days. So, here goes, leave a comment here, and the first 5 people who reply will get one. Bonus points if you are Canadian. :-)

When a military swap site gets set up, I’m going to try and give them out over there as well.

Update: They are all gone. :-) I expect to get more at some point.